I Feel No One Offers What You Do In Shadow Work ~ By Naomi
‘I Used To Try To Be Good’ – How’s It Working For You?

“Lies ‘R’ Us: A House Of Cards Tumbling, Along With Our Psychological Self”

“To be sane in a world of madman is in itself madness.”
– Jean-Jacques Rousseau

“A sane person to an insane society must appear insane.”
– Kurt Vonnegut

We have all heard how the entire global economy is a house of cards about to topple because it is based on lies and deception. What is at the core is criminality and the shadows of greed, selfishness, fear, and power obsession.

My work with people over the past 40 years has revealed the same is true of our psychological self. Chiselled out of traumas, the shards of the human ego toppled the authentic embodied self long ago. The imposter ego posing as self knows not what it does. Ego fills our schedule with tasks so that we can feel good about ourselves. We spend our days pushing aside our shadows of low self-worth and bolstering the illusion of our superiority at the cost of others. We have no information coming in to tell us what jerks we have become. It’s all in our blind spots, hidden from us. The veil of illusion is thinning now, and there are way fewer places to run or hide from the truth of what we have become.

The unconscious lies we live corrupt us right down to our DNA. No one is immune. It’s been a sinister ritual from day dot. We are fed lies from the first cry as we are born in the hospital. The lies that we needed sterilization instead of touch; vaccination, not the natural immunity built with connection, support, and mother’s milk. The lie that we needed to be ripped from our mother’s womb and prematurely severed from the cord of nourishment. The fabrication of needing to be injected with many vaccines that set us up for illnesses like autism.

The truth is we are permitting innocent babes to be injected with nanobots, heavy metals, diseases, and other poisons they do not need. As partial robots, it will be even easier to absorb us into the next generation of lies.

They have set us up for eons. Millions are about to be absorbed into the A. I.; dazzled by devices that feed narcissism and self-absorption, by design. Our BS meter has been dormant, so most people do not even see this coming.

It has been a step-by-step take down while we were sleeping. We have already been taken into the hive mind of whatever culture we grew up in. Fed on formula, synthetic milk, and lied to about everything from then on. We have internalized the control grid, and we act as the prison guards of our internal prison. The majority of humanity accepts all the monitoring and clings to the artificial construct for protection. Not being embodied or living with reality has created the perfect set up for this next level of imposition.

Lies We Have Accepted As Truth

Here’s a shortlist of lies we have accepted as truth:

  • Parents know best.
  • Experts and authorities teach us the truth, and we should listen and follow them.
  • School is valuable and teaches us real factual knowledge.
  • Becoming educated in the Matrix system gives us the tools to build a good life.
  • We start small and stupid, and adults know more than us.
  • The government is looking after us.
  • Zero authentic, energetic connection between people is normal.
  • Not being truly seen, felt, known, or embraced is love, somehow.
  • At the core, we are worthless, not good enough, unlovable, dumb, and useless.
  • We need to succeed according to Matrix standards to be loved and accepted.
  • It’s normal and desirable to have cover personalities that have little to do with our interior souls.
  • We are not hurting anyone by being fractured, hidden, and false; that’s how everyone is.

Living The Lie

Living a lie keeps us ill and impotent. The power of our souls, connected to the Infinite, cannot thrive in a self-looping inner hidden trap of denial and lies.

In a world of lies and liars, it is courageous to discover your authentic self and embody the truth.

Entropy rules when lies congest our system.

Our souls long for engagement, connection, expression, and hunger for dynamic co-creation with life. Our souls know they haven’t got a chance with a psychological self addicted to lies.

Our shadows hide in our blind spots. We do not see that we have become liars. We do not realize that the unconscious division, which pushes and pulls from within, is actually hiding the lie from us. All social conditioning is designed to make us fearful and to obey authority or else.

To be good boys and girls, we bought the BS and learned through trauma-based mind control to support the lies that our parents and teachers swallowed.

It’s too much; it’s unimaginable to a young, innocent child. We fracture, disconnect, and defend the false liar self, and we do not even know we are doing this. It’s a program. We are already programmed, and less and less of our authentic energy is embodied. Now taking it to the next level of A. I. nanobot assimilation, it’s just the next phase in the program we have lived all our lives.

The soul knows it is enslaved. And it will stay enslaved unless you see where you’ve been absorbed into the social agreements designed to keep shadow buried and ego dominant.

Delusion Posing As Rationality

Humanity at large is under a spell of lies that keeps us from living in reality or embodying authentic presence. That gift from Source sings with the wisdom of infinite, zero-point soul coherence, and it is viewed as death by the ego and the construct. But it is only the death of the old system. This system is toppling now, and we need to mid-wife the process of our metamorphosis. It is not a disaster. It is a great potential liberation from the gridlock of lies.

Waking up can be lonely and painful when delusional people insist that you lie or else. This, of course, goes on everywhere repetitively and unconsciously. The surveillance state has infiltrated our classrooms, churches, clubs, and organizations. The silent demand to consent to the lie is the basis of society. We have to become unconscious and not recognize we are a program run amuck. We defend our egos to the end because, first and foremost, we believe in our lies.

Exposing The Lies

In this time of great awakening, the lie is getting exposed out there, but what about in you?

The lies we live drain us of life-force and charge. They keep us small or permit us to become power-grabbers while pretending we are doing the right thing. The vampire and his victim cower, hiding behind the social convention. It’s all within and can be addressed by becoming genuinely aware, awake, and responsible.

Is it your time to face the lies and free yourself from your inner vice-grip?

Your psychological self needs to make a quantum leap, a significant shift out of the lies that form your belief system. When you own it, see it, feel it and witness it in community, you break the spell. You can reclaim the space to re-create a more authentic version of you. You can become a “lie-free zone,” an oasis for others to come clean.

Health returns, passion ignites, the heart opens, the body comes alive, and one feels the call of one’s true purpose. Transcend. Purify. Glorious. It is an epic journey out of the shadowland of lies.

What lies live in you as you, without you even knowing?

As you break the curse and free yourself, only then will you be able to transmute the lies that cocoon your soul.

It’s an old soul’s homecoming. Is that you? Are you feeling so done with living a life saturated in lies? Is something in you tugging trying to get your attention, but?
Now new students call me, write to me and meet with me, revealing so much awareness of their suffering. But they do not yet fully understand how to remove themselves from the Matrix of Lies that has become our operating system. It’s a learning curve, best to do it with others to break clear of the construct of separation.

Life and Gaia are offering us a massive correction. It’s a process that requires passionate determination, courage, self-honesty, and the willingness to be witnessed by others as they make their move to break free. Layers of damage are revealed and healed amongst others, shedding the snakeskin of compliance with dark forces.

Are you on the fence knowing it’s your time to get down to it?

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