Innerstellar Cosmic Conversations – Shadow Synthesis Webinar
Transforming The Fierce Feminine Shadow As An Act Of Sacred Global Alchemy

“Is Your Soul Calling You Home To Embody The Truest Version of Yourself Right Now?”

Are you feeling dragged down and spinning with all the insanity and polarity?

Is it difficult to trust and find a safe, sane, and intelligent space to reclaim your vulnerabilities?

If so, you are not alone. It’s pretty intense out there right now. Still, more and more of us are awakening to the truth of our world feeling drawn to embody a different energetic for our lives. We want to live a life that has joy, humor, and abundance. We need to regain our health, balance, and potency to co-create the life we came here to live. It is never too late to unleash your true purpose, liberate your creative brilliance, and create more love connection and solution. Are you considering it may be your time now to step up, to remove the chains, to get out of the trap, and no longer be held back?

The great news is more, and more of us are done done done with this BS and ready to do whatever it takes. It’s an exciting dynamic and possible now more than ever. We are coming out of separation, sharing our path together, and this is an unprecedented turn in our road home.

If any of this syncs up with what you feel, you may wish to check out my latest conversation with the lovely and loving Patricia Farrington on her Interstellar Cosmic Conversations.

We explored the value of doing inner work around synthesizing our multidimensional shadow selves as our contribution to the shift. We are taking it personally that we have the potential to be significant players in the Galactic Arena as we take back our power from the overlords.If you would like to understand more about why shadow work might be one of the most urgent actions towards the positive change you can make for yourself, those you love and the Planet then have a listen.

If it inspires you and raises some questions, I am offering a free 15-30 minute chat. Sometimes it takes some time and connection to connect the dots and gain clarity.

The final Round of Shadow Synthesis for 2018 begins Early April.

I do this twice yearly with a small group of people ready to make a genuine commitment to heal all that is creating polarity and limitation in their lives. May you find what meets your needs this year and beyond.

Much love
Sienna Lea.

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