Lies ‘R’ Us: A House Of Cards Tumbling, Along With Our Psychological Self
Zero Point Consortium – Re-writing Humanities Shadow History (Kajal Shinde And Sienna Lea)

“I Used To Try To Be Good – How’s It Working For You?”

Most of the students I see are stuck somewhere and don’t even know what questions to ask to activate the transformation they seek. It’s hard to want to break down the walls we’ve built around our wounded hearts, especially when we’re living in the compression chamber of modern life. We automatically shut down in this environment of multiple toxic impositions that are upon us. Babies do not do well in incubators, filled with stress and fear.

In this time, when the acceleration of everything is going exponential, it’s very challenging to hold zero points: the center of intelligent response. We need safe, wise people and containers in which to let our hair down, breath, and find our knowing expression.

The old operating system is broken; the new one sometimes seems vague and not quite here yet. So many people are trying various modalities, and most of these modalities give hints or temporary relief. But when you need an engine overhaul or a new engine, just changing the spark plugs, or getting an oil change or a quick tune-up, will not give you the outcome you seek.

The metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly is a process of many stages. You need support, safety, rest, nurturing, understanding, patience, wisdom, clarity, and self-love. Without all of these presents, you will be swimming upstream. Without the right conditions for rebirth, you are kidding yourself that it’s all good.

We need to say ‘yes‘ to a more mature approach. It’s a dedication; love in action. It does not work if we do not work it. Time, love, and tenderness are the requirements. Response-ability is the alchemical stone.

The doors to our healing sanctuary are open, but only until October 6th. Then we close the doors and come together. For six weeks, in Shadow Synthesis I, we explore, share, build trust, and prepare the nest. The container is key. We cultivate it until we feel able to open to our souls’ messages.

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