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“I Love My Cage”

I just received an amazing letter from a gentleman who describes his self-liberation as tearing himself out of a self-imposed cage. He explains how, when he did this, he became invisible, and people would not accept him cageless. So now he puts on a cage of bamboo and wire that is easily deconstructed should anyone show up who is willing to relate directly essence to essence. I was deeply moved by his letter. How true this is for all of us.

We are mostly in hiding in cages designed by our controllers. Our cages are internalized, made our own through mystification, due to the threat of harm. Why do we become our own jailers willingly? We do it out of fear/terror of the consequences of embodying our true selves. We have the directive carved into our ancestral DNA, and from horrors, we bore in this and other lifetimes.

The war has been for our soul essence/energy all along. Why would we give our soul essence away to dark forces? To survive, to protect ourselves because it was necessary, but now we are stuck with a very outdated cage to live in. Although our psychological structure cannot be seen with our eyes, it is rattling inside each of us, getting rusty with age.

Few kept their heart/soul essence intact and embodied through the war against our Mother Planet, our being, our feelings, our divine connection, and our true selves. All this BS has been carrying on for many thousands of years. We have forgotten when we got compromised and how it happened because we have been genetically modified and memory wiped. Trauma can cause shock and dissociation. The parts that remember are not aspects of ourselves we have known how to contact.
We have been mystified, mind f***ed out of our heart/soul/essence all along the way. Now so many of us are feeling the call to embody the energetics of our deepest core essence. It is our spaceship out of this duality prison. Of course, we want to go home, but we cannot get there in someone’s borrowed old vehicle. Our cage is the construct embedded in ourselves, held there by unprocessed pain and trauma.

Ah, and so you retort, “everyone has one, so what’s the big deal?”

The big deal is that when we live a lie, we are not a frequency match for growth, wholeness, divine reconnection, or love. And probably not for the Ascension upgrades and timelines gifted to us right now by Gaia and Source. We need to purify this dark, nasty cage we are buried alive in and become as children again. I am in no way speaking of any religious interpretation of this here whatsoever. I am sharing what I see in real people every day.

We are so tense and frustrated, knowing something is deeply wrong, but no one in prison gives hints. We may appear successful and loved. We can appear calm and functional, but inside we are screaming, “Get me the f*** out of here!”

This is why we do this healing process in small, caring, trustworthy community settings. We build a field of love that comes alive when we are NOT lying but embodying our truth and expressing what is real in us.

As the Earth moves in correction and sheds the impositions upon her, she is also returning to her authentic expression, higher integral inclusive beingness, longing for purer and purer expressions of divine love.

Transcending, purifying, and becoming glorious is the pathway out of the construct.

Many of us are feeling called to shift out of this prison system entirely with Gaia. This is what we are doing together in Shadow Synthesis. So I know it can be done. Impossible? Ridiculous?

Only for you if your cage has become your ego identity, and you are too afraid to move beyond it.

It’s so much more fun not to be looping in ego. Ego is always manoeuvring to save itself from the imagined foe, out there. When the fact is, the foe is the ego itself. It is the lie we live in. Very awake, people are coming to me who are sick of it and done with it but mystified out of seeing any clear path.

We are blinded as we try to find the exit door. With fractured, dissociated, tense, and frustrated images of ourselves, we are stuck running in circles, too dizzy from our fruitless endeavours to have enough presence to find our way home.

This is a community effort; a team project; all hands-on deck. Going it alone right now is a very limited trail-way.Connection, communication, expansion, shared caring, and childlike fun is the order of the day.

What do we have to lose? We have already lost everything of value if we are brave enough to admit it to ourselves.

Mystification is a bitch. It makes our egos feel that what is untrue is true; then, we fight each other over delusions. We are continually projecting and looking outside ourselves; our savior, our next villain, always externalized. It’s all banging around in the scattered mess of junk that we have been mind-controlled to think of as us.

It’s a lie, and we live it until we find the inner courage to get off the Matrix ride.

Ready to come home to yourself?

Do it – however you can, wherever you are able. Thanks for allowing me another rant. It helps me to get this off my chest, to be honest.

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