‘Be Authentic Would Ya?’
I Feel No One Offers What You Do In Shadow Work ~ By Naomi

“Has Fear Got You Looping?”

Fear is ringing inside us like a diabolical bell from a sacrilegious church steeple. We run away from facing our shadows, informed by programmed urges to avoid embodying our true selves; urges that were created via trauma-based mind/heart control.

Fear is a bitch that won’t stop until we call it out and decide to do something about it. Fear freezes us in time and keeps us looping in avoidance/addictive behaviors that serve the dark side – and we run from this truth as well.

Fear gets the award for being one of the greatest tools of power, domination, and suppression. Gosh, we gotta hand it to them, they really know how to stop us in our tracks. The campaign to shut us down has targeted our fears and amplified them. We get daily doses shoved at us from media, internet, and the system of deception and lies we ingest. We are internally saturated right down to our DNA. It’s been going on for millennium and has been passed along our bloodlines. Fear is an infection, and it’s an epidemic.

Fear of ourselves turns us into escape artists, automatically fleeing from our inner being at all costs. Our pure heart, the stargate portal of vulnerable embodied love and wisdom calling us home, is silenced. For those who wrestle the fear demon, freedom, and crucial healing of your compromised DNA is at hand.

So What’s This Fear Epidemic All About?

Fear, let us count the ways.

Ranking high on the “I will not do my shadow work“ list is Fear of being seen as evil, unwanted, broken, distorted, or undesirable.

Next on the list, to suppress your evolution is Fear of losing your friends and family by becoming authentic.

Then comes the oldie but goodie: Fear of losing your job, looking crazy, or being rejected by the Matrix power gatekeepers.

Next comes: Fear you will not be able to tolerate the truth, that it is just too depressing to face.

Trending right now, globally, is Fear that makes you cave, too terrified to leave relationships with people that don’t get you, and who repress and invalidate you.

Oh, but these are just our surface fears. The ‘Fear Menu’ goes way deeper.

It is, after all, their stellar tool of choice to harvest our energy, full-flavored with the adrenaline rush of terror. They are living off our terror and cannot survive without it, but we are terrified of the consequences of going up against the power keepers.

Fear of death, torture, punishment, and more suffering echo down our DNA memory channels, shouting from the myriad of internalized oppressors: “Stop now before it’s too late!

And last but not least, we have inherited all the Fear and negativity from our parents and those closest to us. We sacrifice ourselves, taking on the suffering of others. Our unowned inner dutiful boy/girl sucked up mom’s and dad’s pain so they would one day be able to love us – a futile pursuit indeed.

So what keeps you looping in Fear anyway? That is your ego, not wanting to lose the reins. When you get to know your operating system, you can shift from your incompetent ego, steering your journey to soul-informed decision making.

Doing The Inner Work: A Divine Adventure To Reclaim Yourself

Just so you know, going within is an invigorating divine adventure that births union with your greater being, and returns you to Source and Gaia. Taking the hero’s journey to alchemize the underworld is an initiation we all must pass through.

Avoiding the inevitable makes it worse.

Doing the inner work can be loving, gentle, and at your own pace. Own the Fear, talk to the Fear, accept the Fear, have compassion for your fearful selves, and learn the lessons of your Fear. When you do the inner work, Fear will no longer dominate.

Come out of hiding. Witness the transformation with others doing the same. Blast free of the prison of separation (that is their other favourite). Fear is an infection, and the cure is you growing to embody courage, trust, risk-taking, and bravery. It is the choice point when you choose yourself and your soul’s completion instead of cowering in resistance
You will find the core of loving-centered care that becomes your new central focus. When Fear no longer dominates, the madness subsides. You will not be stuck in a shadow hell owning then alchemizing your shadow selves. You are already there. You will uncover how much has been there all along.

If you are running from doing the inner work to detox and set yourself on your unique sovereign path to purpose and empowerment, you are fighting against the very process that is trying to unfold from your soul. Your soul wants you to integrate, embody truth, and move beyond the pressure cooker of emotions you live in.

What would your life feel like if Fear was not at the helm? Your greater self would be free to orchestrate your divine return home. It is a glorious journey. We can face it all and still survive, not like in the past; this is new. Gaia and Source and your greater being want to support you. They cannot do that until you clear the fear/resistance, Bardo.

All of organic life is reaching out to you, silence the Fear, and you will be able to hear and navigate with your inner wisdom compass.

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