Are We The Victims of A Heartless Artificial Construct That Has Enslaved Us Without Our Consent?
Sienna Lea On INNERstellar Cosmic Conversation Feb 6th, 2018

“Do You Want To Heal But Cannot Trust Because You Have Been Burned Too Many Times Before?”

It’s not cool to openly express love these days, especially amongst so many of the young ones. We are being programmed into staring at screens avoiding intimacy and connection. How sad! But understandable in our current Artificial Construct of covert and overt cruelty. I am blessed here at Rise Multiversity to be sharing and witnessing love. It is palpable daily with the people I mentor and who mentor me in a community. Even as the Draco beast kicks and demands our attention, we are refocusing and giving our energy to support ours and each other’s healing. It is like stepping into a new dimension with those nasty power-mad lords nipping at our heels every step of the way. They know their time is up but will happily eat us all if we let them. They sure have stick to it, even on their way out. Gotta give them credit for their relentless strength at never giving up. That is a quality we can integrate now into ourselves so that we become an unstoppable force of love. Hahaha, turnabout is fair play, right?

For us who are awakening, another stream of energy deliciously washes through. It is love from the Source of all that is, on offer always for us. We have just become so walled off due to trauma that so many of us just cannot feel it. We even think it’s not cool. Oh my!!

Are you sensing it? Two choices are intensively ramping up daily. Are you able to listen, feel, and know that a whole new world is calling? It is our heart’s wounding that is informing us to turn a deaf ear. It has been a long hard road here at 3D Earth, dysfunction junction as Laura Lee Mysticah calls it. No wonder so many, even those in so-called spiritual communities are closed off. So many are numb and on an entropic spiral rather than riding the incoming waves of bliss with a passionate and adventuresome spirit.

Are we willing to openly love again, or is it to gushy and corny for you?

Too scary to become vulnerable and say yes to life instead of the silent status quo?


The path through and out of this bitch of a dimension brimming with “you can’t win” torture, punishment, lack, and misery is to own it all then find the love. It is a process that takes connection. We need to trust again. Many of the people reaching out to me now have trusted and been burned so many times. I cannot convince anyone to drop the defensive stance or open to the vulnerable world of love and radical self-responsibility. But it is the path out of prison. Learning how to bring love to all our wounded breakaway fragments and allowing in the support is essential as we call all our energy and potentials back home with Rise onto a powerful healing path. Then it is truly a whole new world regardless of what they are engineering for us out there. I do invite you and your fledgling courage to check out the Shadow Synthesis course.

Here we build trust to make that journey with others of like mind/heart. Why? Because it takes connection to come out of separation. Again, separation is the prison, and finally its self-imposed. It is a choice we have made somewhere when it just got too rough to stay present. And it’s a choice we can remake with our bodies, feelings and hearts. Anaiis Salles said the other day in one of our many incredible conversations shared,

the mind cannot trust, trust is a feeling state of connection.

Spot on!

The artificial construct is designed to target that and has been very successful with us there.

In our first weeks of Shadow Synthesis starting Oct 29th, we will build trust and gently feel into the container we mutually create then, decide if we want to let the scar tissue dissolve and move deeper one by one. If this still seems a bit overwhelming and confusing, scary, or impossible, I am open to chatting beforehand with anyone who is considering the process but has reservations and considerations, free of charge. I know how tender this choice point can be.

If that is you, contact me, Sienna Lea. May you find your way home to the love that is you.

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