I Love My Cage
Has Fear Got You Looping?

“Be Authentic Would Ya?”

‘Be authentic!’ ‘Be the real you!’ You hear it all over the place, right? When searching for relief and healing, we visit the people and sites that offer help. But WTF does being authentic even mean?

I had to share this with you today. Wanna have a look at authentic? Here you go. To become like children again, energetically connected to love; this is the energy that needs to live in every cell alive and ascending. You want relief? Your embodied organic, authentic self is the only place you can be soul-satisfied; everything else is a deception you have swallowed.

You want to see authentic Source-connected in person?

Check out this little lady.

Is this part of you accessible? Alive? In a place of honor and wisdom burning in the center of your heart/essence? Most of us keep our little inner ones in a private jail that we don’t even visit on the weekends. We don’t perceive that he/she is trapped and dissociated from our awareness. Our authentic self/energy, the aspect of us that can bring us liberation, is trapped and isolated within our unconscious domains until we become our own saviors and set him/her free.

It’s a scary place to be an innocent child. The authenticity to stay embodied as our true soul essence was fractured, traumatized, and taken from us. Through our ancestors’ battles, and the disconnection our parents inherited, the fear to embody our authenticity has been taboo and passed down to us as forbidden territory.
Through the ages of darkness, that we are just now surfacing from, we cut ourselves off through deals that the dark side seduced us with. We did it to survive, and now it’s on automatic: ‘Don’t show who you really are.’

It’s been a long, long ride, and it has left most of us unable to discern what is true, beautiful and authentic, and what is the imposter; the fraudulent, defensive, manipulative, self-protective vampire. The black magic spell is cast upon us through our vulnerability to manipulation.

The latest seduction out of intimacy with self or other comes from their latest toys and devices perched to feed upon our addiction to denial through Artificial Intelligence. It’s the final death-star battle; total absorption into the machine. It’s here and taking our youth and everyone with a cellphone or tablet into the zombie apocalypse, illness, and loss of self.

We have become part of the system of separation to avoid scrutiny and reprimand. Now it will absorb us totally if we do not snap out of it. Most are in denial and will fight to keep their illusions intact. Severed from the authentic, we cannot see that we have forgotten all this even happened. We are in a delusional trance defending it with all we’ve got. This is the new normal; also a very old normal.

The fact is, we have been raised in a system of lies and criminal deception: up is down, good is bad, and evil is glorified. Meanwhile, our authentic selves shake in the cage we have built, unwittingly hiding out of habit; disassociated by the war being covertly (not so much anymore) waged against our hearts.

To melt the frozen self, we must stop candy-coating our days by looking for ways to feel good. Most of the candy out there is laced with poison to entrap us into the Matrix of lies and control. We are addicts trying to find relief by numbing ourselves from experiencing our authentic truth.

Are you done? Are you looking for the exit door?

Good, because your chief navigator is your ego, and it does not know what the heck it is doing. It hides this fact from you continually. Puffing you up or crashing you down. It’s a rough ride with your ego in charge.

We were trauma-based mind-controlled to trust the imposter within. The whole system lives off our addiction to feeding the ego. This mofo will tell you just about anything to stay in control, and it is really just middle management: an order follower, following the party line of the controllers.

Heads up. Time to take back the helm of your destiny ship.

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One more share on-topic. Big shout out and thanks to Eve Lorgen, Lauda Leon and Sethikus Boza. In this discussion they really nail how inauthentic we have become, the depth of it and the path out.

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