Do You Long To Be A Solutionary For Your Own Life For Humanity And For Our Mother Planet?
Do You Want To Heal But Cannot Trust Because You Have Been Burned Too Many Times Before?

“Are We The Victims of A Heartless Artificial Construct That Has Enslaved Us Without Our Consent?”

I am receiving letters from people across the globe who express that they have been under massive psychic attack for years. This has disabled their minds causing them to lose their ability to work and made them physically ill in many cases. For these people, life has become a living hell with no escape route they recognize. Several of them had trusted gurus and new age teachers but later discovered that their trust was misplaced. These leaders were narcissistic psychopaths who were harvesting souls through false light methods of entrapment. Some were sexual predators passing as tantric teachers. These trusting souls had not fathomed that this kind of evil was something that could even exist. They all expressed again and again that they did not consent to this and were total victims. They wrote to me from a life in utter shambles, seeing no way out.

These are highly sensitive empathic seers who experience the truth of the artificial construct. They describe it in brilliant detail. Sadly they experienced it as a prison that they were now eternally trapped within. I wanted to write about this because I think a lot of us are right there, seeing more and more of the lies we have been living within. Maybe our lives are not so extreme but still. We believe that this unjust prison system of 3D duality is a trap we did not consent to. And we want out but are challenged to find the way. Many of us keep looking out there for someone, something or some event, relationship, resource, or information to fix it. As more and more of the prison system comes into view, we are looking out there at massive information. Every day more horror appears, and a lot of it is true.

From my many years of personal and professional experience, I want to say clearly that none of us are victims. This may be a very unsettling notion. Let’s get real. Being the victim means zero responsibility to make things right. We have been bread to remain children outsourcing the authority to fix things to others. Calling it takes cajones. We love our victimhood. Facing this one is one of the most empowering things you can ever do for yourself. It takes courage to grow up, leave it all behind, and voyage into your personal and collective shadowland. But the alternative IMHO is unacceptable.

Some aspect of you has agreed to this self-sabotaging disabling Matrix of lies. When we do the inner work, we release the part of us that is tied to the prison. We no longer remain a frequency match for oppression. As we retrace our past timelines, we will find that back there somewhere, we were the predators.


Not possible?

Not you?

Guess again.

It does not kill us to face our shadows!

If you are an old soul and been through the wash and spin cycle down here many times, you have probably been a bit of everything on offer. And when you face up to it, own it, and see how that piece is informing your “now” you can find the love you need to get done with it and return to your divine connection with life source and the planet. Then the magic happens. Life offers gift synchronicities and miracles every day. Right now, right here in this world where we live, we can today set ourselves free. It’s all an inside job. What a glorious awakening that is. It gives us options.

I am personally experiencing this right now over the last months. Anaiis Salles has been a great mentor for me as I traced a negative alliance over many timelines that I was complicit with. Yes, I was also a victim of it but at times, reaping the benefits of dark alliances that came from that union. I was punishing myself and carry holding myself in a victim’s disempowered pattern as a futile attempt to make this right. I was not succeeding, and it was me who was doing that to me, and I did not see its origin. That does not work. We need to face our shadows, own them, forgive, love again, heal and release it all. And when we do guess what? We are no longer in a dead-end life that sucks.

We have made alliances in past lives in times of duress without even knowing that is what we have done this. We carry within us the soul memory of it all, and we are trying to make things right through archaic patterns of self-torture and limitation. We also have our ancestors inside, and most of them under great pressure also cut a deal with the dark side. Those entity impositions can be steering our destiny ship right now without us even knowing. Inner punishers and enslavers hijack our egos and exist in breakaway personalities that have been shocked away into our shadowlands. We are doing this to ourselves, and we are clueless any of it is even real.

We have the power to shift all this when we connect with these unconscious aspects. It’s not that difficult. It is a commitment to truth. Then the veil lifts, and we get it we’re not victims whatsoever. We can contact these aspects and bring them all home. Life is supporting us to do so as never before. They can release their attachment to the prison system within. We learn self-love, and we bring resolution to it all. Now is the time to shine our light into the darkness and get free of all these lies we live once and for all. And we can do it.

Shadow Synthesis, my course launching on October 29th. It is the process of surfacing those consensual parts of ourselves and then gently loving them back to Soul/Heart Synthesis. When this happens, they release the interference and come back home to us.

Victims no more.

It takes trust, and this is why we go slow and build that trust in a conscious awakening community of people working their stuff supported by one another. I am no exception.

Are you ready to no longer be a victim?

Are you ready to bring your projections back to yourself?

If you are, the path to freedom is at hand. There are still some spaces available.

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