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“A Request”

Here goes the big drum roll…………………………….. Ta da!!

I am releasing the second edition of my book Stealing the Moon with a brand new audio book version available for the first time ever!

Stealing the Moon, a woman’s quest to heal the shadow self, was inspired by our Mother Planet and an amazing female Avatar I mentored with for 30 years. It was written with the intention to expose, transform and heal the shadows we all carry that sabotage our outcome to live as our authentic selves.

I wrote this book to break the spell that facing what is inside of ourselves is just too scary to handle. We are so done with living in the robot desert of people buying the big lie keeping us slaves in a predatory system of deceit and control. It’s time to lovingly and tenderly bust a hole in the construct and walk out.

This book’s intention is to help us penetrate invisible layers of power and control and then break free.

Just imagine what it would feel like to not have to live alongside millions cowering in fear hiding from the magnificent of their sovereign divine selves?

Right now, and for only a short time, Stealing the Moon is available for 99 cents as an ebook following these links:

I would love it and be most grateful if you would review the book and post your comments/review at these links above once you have read it. This will help propel the book into more visibility, allowing more people to be impacted by its message.

If you prefer listening to audiobooks you can hear it as an audible here and put your review on audible. However, the price is not reduced for the audible version.

Get The Audiobook On Audible

Once we face and transmute what blocks us from love and the courage and creativity to embody our truth, we will upgrade our capacities and be able to build the reality we long to live within.

We can recover our Sovereignty.

We all are being offered a deep intense immense and awesome gift now. Once we break the seal and enter the hidden chambers where truth can finally be embodied, we can set ourselves free.

If you have already read Stealing the Moon and would like to post a review please use the links above, I would love and appreciate it!

I have had many people write me inspired and opened by this scandalous expose of one of the most infamous Pharaohs of Egypt. It took ten years of shadow diving into the personal and collective unconscious to be born.

Thank you heaps and yay for being an amazing, awake and aware person who is willing to contemplate diving deep and opening wide to truth.

Whatever you do, be yourself. You are so needed now.

Much love,
Sienna Lea 

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