Serving The Delicate Balance of Life In All Beings

It is true most likely your shining radiant true power got you killed, put down, ostracized, wounded, tortured or worse somewhere along your journey through many time lines. Our truth is often shunned, hunted or systematically destroyed. Fear reverberates deeply in our DNA.

As you venture into your shadowlands you can right now clean all this up across all time lines where you are trapped and free yourselves and our ancestors. If we take the leap to clear all this you can only then step into your soul heart essence and build the charge to be truly powerful love in action.

Then and only then can we lead, inspire, help and heal humanities deepest dysfunctions.

We are the ones but first we need to be coherent with our message-Only if you step out from behind the fear and terror that has shut you down. These traumas are deep and we have closed off our feelings so we don’t feel them. Those choices to hide in order to survive at the cost of our souls need to be re written.

Doing the inner work is a prerequisite for any truly enlightened leadership.

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