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If you are reading these words …

… then these words you are feeling the call to invest in yourself and make the leap into a New Paradigm of truth love and Sovereignty. Realistically this requires completion of your unfinished narratives that impact how you actually show up in every area of your life. Shadow Synthesis is here to support you as you step up to embody and shift, doing your inner clearing and soul retrieval gently through the alchemy of self love. Here you will be supported with tools and compassion as you bring home all of your soul fragments and finally for real open to being your authentic embodied self.

It is truly the adventure that spans all lifetimes.

I am Sienna Lea mid-wife, change catalyst and shadow diver myself. I bring 50 years of direct experience in shadow work to you, qualifying me to act as guide and midwife to your soul-reclamation journey. And I might add I have cultivated a highly developed BS detector which, believe me, comes in handy because our shadows hide in our blind spots.


Doing the inner work now is an absolute necessity for anyone serious about living a fully joyful meaningful truth filled existence in alignment with heart and soul. We have been trauma based mind controlled and driven into separation intentionally for eons. It’s deep as we have all been destabilized to anchor our being in the real world. Now our task is to shed these distortions so that we can open share create and live the life we came here to co-create together with our Mother Planet Source and each other.

Does this resonate? If so again welcome!!!

This website has been designed for you.

You are not alone.

Many of us across the globe are being called to Rise and heal now as never before. The reality all around us appears to be collapsing. Nothing is stable here any longer. We are in a humanity that breeds polarization, conflict, fear, injustice, cruelty, criminality, greed, destruction, narcissism, competition, all forms of imbalance. Sometimes we can just feel helpless but we can help massively by addressing the imbalances we carry within.

We can learn a new form of radical self-responsibility and take back our shadow projections that cause a lot of what we are currently experiencing. We can re-purpose ourselves to embody lives that reflect love, care and solution. We can find the means to give it our all and not become de-railed by stress, we can move beyond our limitations and birth the new.

If you are feeling impotent to create the life you long for, cut off, trapped, held back, overwhelmed with stress or illness, moods, or you feel under attack and lack the energy you need to break through Shadow Synthesis inner work community can help you build the charge to shift. If you are isolated stressed and challenged with the necessity to earn money and met the demands of your obligations this community and the tools it provides can make a massive difference.

To the right (or below or mobile devices) I have charted key issues you may wish to transform.

Click on what resonates and explore.

Should you wish to reach out personally contact me, Sienna Lea.

SlideWho Am I?

I'm Sienna Lea, former psychologist primal therapist, present author, transformational mid-wife & Inceptor of Rise Multiversity...
Spiritual Practices That Work

We are being given a totally new transformational potential we need to enter a new reality...
Self Honesty

We have become numbed from trauma & terror & we have been made to live as a culture alienated and habitually lying to ourselves...
Feeling Worthy

We've been programmed to not trust ourselves. Over many time-lines we have made mistakes, hurt others, been tortured & abused...
Breaking Through

If you're still stuck, it's because something is stuck within you and you can't find what it is...
Becoming A Healthy Leader

It's true most likely your shining radiant true power got you killed, put down or worse somewhere along your journey...
Co-Creating Supportive Relationships

We all carry within our DNA the memory of our broken hearts. The system teaches us to hide our feelings...
Unlocking Your Genius

Most of our true gifts are wrapped in shadow, hiding terrified to see the light of day. Why? Because of past trauma...
Why Don't I Have What I Need?

Myth; wealth will make you happy. Reality; we need financial fluidity to move within this reality...

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